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[IP] Re: One of those nights

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] One of those nights
> FYI for paradigm pump users.  Last evening I changed my site and
> coincidentially it was a brand new site.  I did this at about 7:30 last
> evening left my old cannula in and about 10:30 tested and went to sleep. I
> was 94.  Had a restless nite and got up about 2:18 only to test and be

I've been pumping with a paradigm for about a year and don't understand how
you could change your site and leave your old cannula in?  I've been working
with the idea that changing the site actually means to me that you insert a
new cannula in a new site.  How and/or why would you want to do this?
Please help me out here.
Lee  dxd 1971 at age 25
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