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[IP] Re: Bolusing for fat and so on...

Fat from foods doesn't convert/break down into glucose like
protein and carbohydrate - humans have no mechanism for that (it
gets stored as body fat almost immediately unless there are
absorption problems etc). Stored fats, however, are a different
story. The glycerol molecule (which gets stripped from the
triglyceride chain) can be converted into glucose during times of
starvation (in a nutshell...it is more involved than that).

One of these days I'll put together the info from the Ellenberg &
Rifkin diabetes textbook that helps explain your 'glucagon
effect' theory. It has something to do with foods containing
large amounts of certain amino acids like arginine (but there are
others) stimulating glucagon release.

Take care, Kerri
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Ryan said:
Fat, however, does NOT break down into sugar (at least not
easily...takes up to 24 hours), whereas protein does.
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