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Re: [IP] Flying w/Pumps

> I must say that there seems to be absolutely no consistency of protocol
> between the seven (4 domestic/3 international) airports that I passed
> through.  So my advice is to just hang loose and go with the flow.  >

I have flown many times since 9/11. As Frank says, there is no consistency
to how airports handle security or pumps. I have flown in and out of
Washington DC Reagan and have not been hassled or even stopped (kind of
ironic, IMO). On the other hand, I have been given the full treatment at
places like St. Louis and Dallas Love Field. Chicago Midway had no interest
in my pump but went through every inch of my carry-ons. I don't know if it
is just coincidence, but it seems the scrutiny has increased in the last
couple of months.

What I do to try to reduce hassles is remove every piece of metal (medical
ID, watch, etc.) before going through security--except the pump. I also
discovered that one pair of my shoes has metal inserts and will always set
off the detector--so I don't wear them for trips any more.

Whether I get stopped or not, I have found the new TSA personnel to be very
courteous and professional, a vast improvement over the private "security"
staff pre-9/11. Most of them seem to know what an insulin pump is (at least
no one has asked me to remove it!).

I carry a doctor's note (although I don't think it's worth much) and
prescription labels for my various meds. Not once have I been asked for
either. Someone else previously in this thread said "don't ask/don't tell",
and I agree. If the needles in my carry-on don't arouse interest, there's no
point in calling attention to oneself.

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