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Re: [IP] Flying w/Pumps


  My Josh is on the H-Tron+.  We flew from WA state to FL and back again,
last summer.  NOTHING!!!!  He had the pump in a pocket that is in the center
of the shirt he was wearing (his night shirt with a  pump pocket!!!) I had a
backpack FULL of backup supplies.  NOTHING.  We were never asked for papers,
Josh's pump never set off ANY alarms, we were NEVER told to 'turn off the
pump' while on the plane...of course they didn't know he had it...LOL!!!!!
My advice...what they don't know won't hurt them or anyone else ont hat
plane.  But have all papers (scrips, ID , etc) with you just in case.  Keep
the pump hidden away (including the tubing) and just go with it!

Have fun!!!

mom to Joshua
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