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Re: [IP] Dupuytrens Contracture???

Hi Kim,

I've never heard of "Dupuytrens Contracture".  If Dr says you have the early
stages, what else happens with Dupuytrens ? What are the lumps caused by ?
The Dr sounds "up to speed" is he your GP (General Practioner), not your
Endo ?

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Subject: [IP] Dupuytrens Contracture???

> Hi Guys,
> Saw my doctor on thursday for my annual flu vaccine and mentioned to him
> that I had a couple of lumps beneath the skin on my left palm. I had a
> trigger finger a couple of years ago and thought this might be related.
> However, he tells me that this is the early stage of Dupuytrens
> Not too serious at the moment and may never be serious but he informed me
> that diabetic men more than women tend to acquire this occasionally and I
> was wondering how common this is among the pumping community. Never heard
> this before.
> Cheers
> Kim
> _contracture
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