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Re: [IP] Re: Types of Diabetes


  You say that the health aid and principle don't think your son needs
insulin .  Is this a public school he is attending???  If so, where is the
school RN in all of this?  Even if she is only there one day a week, like
our's is, she is still incharge of the aide.  And she would/should have some
influence over the principle when it comes to medical matters for the

How about the school board?  Have you ever contacted them about the
principle and his attitude and the potential harm that this person is posing
to your son?  These are serious issued.  Here in WA state we even have new
laws that now allow us to have a designated adult at the school that will be
trained by a CDE and will even be allowed to do glucagon injections if
needed!!!  This is brand new and we are in the process of getting the
letters drawn up and get our adult in place.  No one BUT the parents are
allowed to choose the adult.  So it is not a decision that the RN or the
principal can make.

    As for the prinicpal running away with his tail between his legs....GOD!
That is what ours finally did when we had our show-down a few years back.
Now he literally side-steps when he sees me coming.  And they all know that
they don't mess with this 'mama bear'!!!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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