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Re: [IP] developing sensitivity to insulin?

Hi Linda and Meg,

I used Animal Insulin prior to pumping and lasted 6 weeks on Humalog.  I had
red itchy sites; very strange BG responses - somedays it worked great and
other days it was awful.  I found my BGs went up after exercise (not down as
it usually did).  Initially I blamed me inexperience (me); I then tried all
the infusion sets sold here (Australia) and then tried dressings under the
infusion set (no luck).  In the late stages of Humalog use, the Humalog for
Bolus' hurt so much (stinging and burning) I had to sit down to take it.
Old sites were very red / raised and itchy for upto a week after use.  My
record for a "failed" Humalog site was 1/2 a day.

I moved to Novlog (NovoRapid) and generally haven't had problems since, just
the ocasional itchy site.  (I also find that using greater than usual
amounts of Insulin deteriorates my site faster).  From my discussions with
Novo Nordisk it appears to be the additives to the insulin that I was
sensitive / allergic to.  Had the Novo not worked for me I would have tried
what Jan has suggested, (a mix of Regular/Novo or Regular/Humalog, which
ever of the fast acting Insulins you had the least problems with).  If
that's not effective I'd try straight Regular Insulin.  For Meg, you may be
able to swap between a "mix" and the Novolog if it worked previously, some
weeks / months on each.

Another possibility is a reaction to metal cannulas, but if you're using
Sils/ Comforts etc, I expect you can rule that one out.  Bob Burnett (from
IP) once told me "identify the problem and then just logically work through
all the possible solutions".  Just keep trying the "next possibilty" until
you find the one that works for you.

Warm Regards,

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