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Re: [IP] thanks to all... was need help

- id like to publicly thank all who helped me, with my friend last
an epically stillLow.... i was much more upset, then he was.
his bs was down to 287 this morning, and, he is eating a much lighter
it is likely, that he is type II (please... no name arguments), and it
shown it self, in the past day or two.

I'm not calling names, except to say that according to Diabetes for
Dummies (OK, I called myself a name since I was reading the book) type 2
usually is diagnosed with a blood sugar of less than 250.  The only
reason I remember that is because mine was 387, but since I was 36. . .
well, you know the rest.

Of course, it also took almost a week for mine to drop to under 200 and
that was on almost a no-carb diet.

Just thought it might be good for him to request a c-peptide or islet
cell antibody test, so he can know for sure.

Blessings to your friend!


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