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Re: [IP] Re: Types of Diabetes

While for some people it is an annoyance that others have preconceived
notions about diabetes, for some of us it is a major concern and safety
issue.  My son was diagnosed at the age of 7 and since it is not terribly
practical nor terribly healthy for him to have his mother everywhere he
goes, I have to leave him in the care of others.  At a school where the
clinic aide and principal are convinced that he doesn't really need insulin,
low and high blood sugars are not of immediate concern, etc. - their
"knowledge" is seemingly endless - pre-conceived notions and unwillingness
to learn can make a life or death difference.  My solution was to handpick
his teacher (that was an ugly fight, but the principal eventually ran away
with his tail between his legs) and to give a lot more responsibility to my
son than perhaps a child of his age should have.  Diabetes is hard enough.
It certainly would be nice if I didn't have to talk till I'm blue in the
face to people who already "know all there is to know."


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> when it's clear someone is clueless about the differences in diabetes
> etiology, treatment, prognosis, etc., sometimes I just find it easier to
> I have "juvenile" diabetes. This seems to immediately call up vivid images
> cinematic scenes--e.g., see Steel Magnolias or Panic Room--in which
> representations of life-threatening BG levels publicly reflect our private
> concerns and/or experiences.
> So, when someone without much knowledge on this subject invariably
> to my situation with that all-too-familiar condescending look and line
> how this might have all been prevented in the first place, I really don't
> have the energy to invest any time and effort in educating And if
> someone has chosen to believe diabetes can be someone's "fault," that's
> bad. I'm no longer listening to him. The truth is out there for those who
> care to become informed.
> Debra
> Paradigm pumping since 10/02
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