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[IP] thanks to all... was need help

-- id like to publicly thank all who helped me, with my friend last night...
an epically stillLow.... i was much more upset, then he was.
his bs was down to 287 this morning, and, he is eating a much lighter diet.
it is likely, that he is type II (please... no name arguments), and it has 
shown it self, in the past day or two.

(i remember, the first time i was another diabetic, in insulin 
reaction..... i was very, very upset)
(i did have my glucose tube with me, and someone administer it to her (i 
could not, i was shakin' too much)

BTW, in phily, thats "Na-N Na-N foo foo"

len phila pa.dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (is this great, or what ?)
Most of what I have learned has been taught to me by others.
I guess that means I have to teach others what I have learned
Lately It Occurs To Me
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
(R. Hunter)
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