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Re: [IP] developing sensitivity to insulin?

>>>Can pump therapy result in allergies or intolerance to
insulins?? It concerns me because what would a
diabetic do if they couldn't take insulin?meg>>>

When I started pumping we had only Regular insulin by Lilly. I got a couple
of infections and endo switched me to Velosulin by Nordisk (then) which was
a pure pork insulin. I didn't get any more sores. Later the Velosulin was
Buffered (BR) since it was used widely in pumps. Then it went to the *Human*
type without use of animals.

I did not use Humalog until 12/98. Therefore, it is possible you may have to
use Velosulin insulin in your pump. It is doable. The timing of meals is a
little different - for instance, since it is a little slower acting we were
supposed to bolus 20 min. before a meal. That's a little hard in restaurants
since a server will take your order, but when will the food get into your
mouth? If you walk into Mc'D's and there is no line, do you stand and wait
20 min. to order or let your food get cold?

Oh, we did not have dual/square wave capabilities then, so that is a
possibility in a restaurant - set it for delivery over 30 min and you might
be pretty safe.

I hope it works out for you.

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