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Re: [IP] developing sensitivity to insulin?

--- Linda Zottoli <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Any ideas?  I have sent some recent messages about
> itchy, irritated 
> sites.  ..........
I was having itchiness with humalog and burning after
bolusing. I felt it immediately with the prime even.
It started about 6 mos after getting the pump1/2000).I
tolerated it for almost a year and a half(changing
sets, etc.) . No problem with injections ever for
I then changed to Novolog(2/02) about a year ago and
got immediate relief. I thought my problems were
behind me. However just recently my sites have been
irritated off and on again. It came on slowly before
and right now I have way  more good than bad sites.
But it makes me nervous.
I asked this question on a chat when I first started
having problems and felt I got ridicules or maybe no
one understood what I was asking.
Can pump therapy result in allergies or intolerance to
insulins?? It concerns me because what would a
diabetic do if they couldn't take insulin?meg

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