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[IP] Ready to start pumping

Just had to post to let everyone know that my wife's Paradigm arrived. We
are scheduled for traing and start on Tuesday morning at her Endo's
Also thought I would add my two cents worth about type 1 and type 2. For
years we had assumed she was type 2 since she was diagnosed at 31 and
after the birth of our last child. She has never been heavy, but did put
on some weight with pregnancy. She is an RN and still didn't figure out
why she lost weight so fast after the birth. Went to the optomitrist and
he told her to get to her Dr. asap. BG was over 400. Tried pills for a
few days but didn't help. Put her on insulin. 
Finally, after she had been on MDI for a year , she asked her GP if he
would do a C-Peptide as he had never done one. He asked her why and she
told him she would like to know if she was still making insulin. He told
her that he had always just assumed she knew she was type 1.
Nurses and Drs. don't always know very much about diabetes either.
Thanks so much for all the help we have received from everyone here.
Until we started doing pump research, we didn't understand a lot about
her disease.

Ready to start pumping
Bill & Ute French

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