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[IP] Re: Type 2

My wife was recently diagnosed Type-2 (or, perhaps pre-diabetic...doctors
can't seem to make up their mind).

Anyhow, there is a chicken-and-egg argument about type-2.  Is it that
obesity leads to type-2 diabetes...OR, are those with type-2 diabetes moe
prone to obesity?  There is more recent evidence that the latter is very
likely the case.  And, "type 2" may not even be the result of anything
actually gone wrong in the system, but that today's lifestyle doesn't sync
with the way the body was designed to operate, such that the "benefits" of a
"type-2" diabetic lead to a liability.

In other words, the way that the body is able to better store fat was a very
beneficial thing up until the industrial age.  Storing fat helped a person
to survive better throughout the winter months, when food supplies were low.
During the summer months, you would "fatten up" again...not to mention
activity levels were high to prevent any extreme weight gain.

So, while being overweight is partially related to a person's choices in how
they eat, activity, etc...it is also a part of how the body is SUPPOSED to

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