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[IP] Re: developing sensitivity to insulin?

> Any ideas?  I have sent some recent messages about itchy, irritated
> sites.  Not the tape.  But I tried changing preps, tapes, technique --
> no difference.  <snip>
> So far, I have had suggestions for trying different sets (not
> successful so far), one clinical nurse suggest taking an antihistamine,
> and another suggest putting a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream over
> the site before I insert.  I have been trying to get some samples of
> Rapids sets to try (in case it is the cannula), but have not yet
> succeeded in getting any.
> Linda Z


I'm sorry you are having such frustrating problems. Probably since you have
tried so many solutions and they failed for you, is the reason you've had no
other replies. I believe this is the reason we use YMMV because it is such
an individual thing. You are an individual and this is your thing. ;)

I wonder if Michael has a suggestion like how some pumpers used to dilute
Humalog with some Velosulin or Regular and that would temper the site (or
some kind of other fancy phrase).

I wonder why it's difficult to get samples of Rapids? Strange. Hope this
works out for you.

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