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RE [IP] Cozmo up and runnning


Congrats on Cara's start on the Cozmo,  I have been on it since Jan. and love
it.  The insight that you wrote about your son going overseas was very well
put.  Your children are a very good influence on you and you are sensitive to
their feelings, all families should be structured that way.  I am sure that
all will be good for you and yours.

Good Luck


-----------------------------------Joann wrote-------------------------

Hi all!
I have been working lots, so I haven't been able to keep up with the posts,
but I wanted to let you all know that Cara started on her Cozmo Monday night.
She really likes it and feels it is much easier to use. She was trained later
in the day, and since I had to go on a trip out of town Tuesday night, I was
a little nervous about letting her start. However, she did beautifully!
Just goes to show how versatile youth can be.

< Subject: [IP] Type War!

Off topic a bit, the trip I took was to drive to Missouri to pick up my son
for leave (finished the last of his Marine training) before going overseas to
The idea of him going overseas has me a bit nervous, naturally, but Cara let
me know how much it was affecting my thinking when I nonchalantly mentioned
that "maybe Eric might develop diabetes too and then he wouldn't have to go
overseas." She quickly let me know what a terrible thought it was to wish
diabetes on him (I actually didn't "wish" it, just looking for a way to keep
him safer). And her feelings about diabetes hit me like a ton of
bricks...that she feels diabetes was a worse fate than possibly going to war.

Perhaps what is happening in the world has made us all a little edgy, but
perhaps we would all keep our blood pressure down if we focused our energy
towards tolerance in general.
I consistently have to remind myself that so much anger and hurt can be
generated by innocent remarks or beliefs, judgments, misconceptions and
We truly cannot ever know what another has/is going through, even if we were
twins and raised along side of them. But we can lend an ear, or a helping
hand, or offer what has worked for us, etc.
This forum is a wonderful place for that to happen.
Please, let's all do our part to continue to let that happen and stay

Joann, Mom to Cara, age 17, Type 1 since 2/13/97, pumping since 3/1/98.
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