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[IP] developing sensitivity to insulin?

Any ideas?  I have sent some recent messages about itchy, irritated 
sites.  Not the tape.  But I tried changing preps, tapes, technique -- 
no difference.  I tried changing from humalog to novolog -- no 
difference.  I used 2 very old silhouette sets that didn't seem to 
cause the problem, so I was speculating it might be a change in the 
cannula causing it, but I would think if there had been such a change, 
others would have noticed it? (Summer was the only one that answered 
that post, but I think I had probably received my first problem lot 
before Summer started pumping).  I tried other lot numbers of comforts  
-- no difference.  Usually the problem has been intermittent, and more 
annoying than painful, but on a few sets it has become intolerable 
quite quickly.  I can usually get about a day and a half out of a new 
site before it gets bad, but a few have been a matter of hours.

  Times I have left the itchy (comfort) site in, I have gotten a bruise 
that centers  around the place the insulin would have come out of the 
cannula.  This is one of the things that  makes me worry it is the 
insulin.  Anyone know?  Sometimes it seems that I have more trouble 
when I take larger amounts of insulin. And with the ultraflex I am 
currently wearing, particularly, the problem seems to be  more 
pronounced  after a bolus.  (It sometimes seemed this way with the 
comforts, but usually not).

So far, I have had suggestions for trying different sets (not 
successful so far), one clinical nurse suggest taking an antihistamine, 
and another suggest putting a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream over 
the site before I insert.  I have been trying to get some samples of 
Rapids sets to try (in case it is the cannula), but have not yet 
succeeded in getting any.

Suggestions, information, and referrals welcomed. :-)

Linda Z
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