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RE: [IP] Type 2 and overweight people

I really think both types are just as serious.  My daughter has type 1 and
my husband and brother-in-law have type 2.  My brother-in-law has had
serious problems.  Blindness, loss of some of his bones in his feet etc and
he is only 36.  Neither my husband or brother-in-law are that overwieght
either.  So yes, I am tired of explaing that yes Emily takes shots, and no
it was not her unhealthy diet.... but I also think that not all type 2
people are overwieght people who are lazy and don't excerise.  I on the
other hand are overwieght and have neither.

Teresa, mom of Emily (10)dxd 10/2000 Not yet pumping but soon!

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I have a serious questions I would like to address,  but I also do not
want to offend anyone who is overweight.  SO if you take offense to
this question and you are overweight I am truly sorry if I have
offended you.

You do not get fat overnight.  It takes many many years to get truly
overweight, either it be from laziness or inability to exercise,
overeating, whatever.  Just like you do not get skinny overnight.
Knowing that T2 can be due to being overweight, why take that risk and
try to either lose the weight or not gain it to begin with?  You did
not get fat overnight, so I don't except anyone to lose the weight
overnight.  But why risk getting fat if you can avoid it and also
possibly T2?

They say Diabetes is on the rise, well then do something about it!
Obviously there is nothing you can do to avoid T1 bieng an autoimmune
disease, but T2 you can fight it and win!!  If you see yourself
starting to put on some extra weight (I'm talking over 20 pounds a
year) then do something about it.  Get up off your ass and walk to the
mailbox instead of driving, anything to get up and off the couch.  If
you are unable to exercise, find a source that can help you to get
mobile (therapy just as a suggestion).  There is something everyone
can do to shed excess weight and to look, feel and live a better
healthier life.

Just my 2 cents worth and maybe a little more

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