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Re: [IP] I need paradigm resevoirs badly (PLEASE)

my name is Rebecca I have a full box of extra resevoirs that you can have. You
can email me and i will call you back and we can set up a time to meet. I am
from the phila area.
please let me know!
dx. age 12 in 1990
paradigm pump since aug 2002
pumping since march of 2000

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I've spent the last week stressing to Minimed how their box of failed
has resulted in me having three, then two, and now one resevoir & QuickSet

They overnight shipped me 10 QuickSets to replace the bad ones I had on
Tuesday, BUT they got the address completely wrong (forgot the company name
had some very mangled version of the street address AND they only had my home
phone number even though I told them put my work number on it).

When FedEx couldn't deliver on Wed, they just brought it back to HQ and
call Minimed!! When I called yesterday they assured me that everything was
and it would be here today!

Well I got them this morning: 10 QUICKSETS && NO RESEVOIRS!!! I am going into
weekend with no only one 'spare' resevoir. If anyone has a few spare
in NYC (near Penn Station) or near Lakewood NJ CALL ME ASAP!!

When I called

Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman
(917) 339-6323 (work)
(732) 363-2236 (home)

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