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Re: [IP] Re: Call It Something Else (Was: Diabetic Magazines--Any Suggestion...

>OK. I'm hearing more and more of this (not just from this list) and I'm 
>curious. Why do type 1s not want to be associated with type 2s?
>Jan and ElvisToo

Ok, for me, it's not whether we call it Type 1 or Type 2 or anything 
else.  I just hate all the news media reporting that diabetes is cause by 
being fat and eating lots of junk food, etc.  I would think most Type 2s 
would be sick of that too.  All of us, I think, are tired of being blamed 
for our diabetes.  As another poster said, there are overweight people who 
do not have diabetes, so just being overweight does not cause 
diabetes.  There is another factor here... uhhhhh could it be genetics?  I 
know thin people who were diagnosed with Type 2 (my father, for one).  I 
think a lot of Type 1s who have managed to survive to be older (like 
myself) do get tired of hearing people comment, "you have diabetes?  Well, 
geez, if you'd just lose some weight, you could get rid of it".  We all 
know this is not true, even for Type 2s.  Once you have it, you have 
it.  It won't go away.  Whether you lose 50 pounds or not.  The reason I 
say this is because even though the symptoms for Type 2s MAY diminish if 
they lose weight, they still have diabetes.  They still have to watch what 
they eat.  So, the problem is not the name.  The problem to me is the news 
media blaming diabetes on one thing, weight.  There's so much more to it 
than that.  My 2 cents, for what it's worth.

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