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RE: [IP] Type War! Eating disorder

 I have given this whole thing a lot of thought. For most of the time, I'm glad
that Type 2 gets mixed up with our Type 1 for a very important and beneficial

 Much attention is finally being focused on diabetes. With the increased
recognition that diabetes is such a growing problem, ofcourse they're only
talking about Type 2, more research funds are being given to find cures,
vaccinations, etc. There is more research being conducted than ever before on
trying to cure type 1 diabetes.

 Believe me, I hate it when someone looks at my 7 year old daughter then
innocently says to me that she doesn't look overweight. Yes, I had that happen.
I do agree that it is a very different disease. I feel strongly about the
differences and that it doesn't seem like the same disease as Type 1. But, since
Type 2's are threatening to bankrupt the system because the incidences are
increasing at an alarming rate, might as well enjoy the benefits of recognition
as diabetes being a very serious health problem in general.
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