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Re: [IP] Type War! Eating disorder

Imagine how happy I was to find that I could eat all
that I could possibly shove down my throat and still
come up 1 or 2 lbs less every 1 to 2 days.  It was a
person with borderline eating disorder issues dream
come true.  At 100 lbs, I thought that this was "cool"
Well, I "abused" my disease as a way to be thin for
several years until I got smart and finally realized
what I was doing to my poor body.  I am now pumping
and have actually become plumper than I am comfortable
with, BUT, it is the result of better control,
quitting smoking and the rest.  I understand weight
issues and I think what upset me about this whole
weight thread is that I know the pain that people who
want to lose weight feel.  To make a comment that they
just need to get off of their "asses" and walk a
little farther just causes more pain I think.  Just my
thinking.  Cynthia
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>  I hate that there seems to be so much hostility and
> upset about this "type"
> war. I guess
>  much of it is because the general public still
> thinks that type 2 is just
> caused by being
>  "overweight/lazy". They seem to think that if
> everyone just shed a few pounds,
> type 2
>  would go away. I know that is completely unfair and
> untrue. But that same
> public then
>  puts that label on type 1's. It's hard to be a
> chubby type 1! People will try
> to lecture
>  you about your weight and eating habits and tell
> you that if you just exercised
> more you
>  wouldn't need those nasty shots. It was really hard
> on me as a small child to
> be told
>  that because I WAS plump. But I did find that my
> short stint of trying to
> starve myself
>  and getting hypos left and right wasn't curing me.
> :) (although the rapid
> weight loss
>  caused by my rampaging blood sugars before
> diagnosis did help some with the
> plumpness. It
>  also made me resent my somewhat plump mother. I was
> sooo sure whe was just
> jealous of my
> sudden weight loss and was punishing me by dragging
> me to doctors).
>  I think that any bit of hostility is caused by
> this--the general public's
> misperception
>  that we just seem to be lazy and overweight people
> who bring this on ourselves.
> I guess
>  if we only ate salad and baked chicken breasts none
> of us would need insulin or
> oral meds
> and we would all be svelte!   HA!
>  I have enough harsh memories of adults telling me
> stuff like that. I have
> enough shame
>  over sneaking candy and treats as a child. Hoping
> for a hypo so I could have
> some
>  chocolate. Being told over and over, "No, you can't
> have that" or "I guess you
> must have
>  gotten low because you didn't eat right" and
> chasing NPH with calories trying
> to keep it
>  all level. We've all got enough problems without
> intentionally OR
> unintentionally
> hurting each other.
> Let's all get along.
> Sherry C
> From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
> dx'd right before her ninth birthday, now 26!
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