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Re: [IP] Re: Type 2 and overweight people

> There is a huge genetic component at work here, but you're
> implying that it's their fault and they're responsible for their disease.
I get
> the impression this is why some people want a name change because they
> want to be mistaken for "one of those."

It may be true that some of those who want the name changed are like that.
But not all of us.  I have several times stated that I'd like the name
changed and have nothing against type 2's at all.

In a previous message, before I ever read yours, I also made the observation
that not all type 2's are overweight, and that some type 1's eventually
become overweight.  (It is also true that many overweight people are not
diabetic at all.)  It is an oversimplification to say type 2 is an
overweight person's disease.

I simply believe that having two different diseases called by the same name
creates confusion in the general public, and I get tired of personally
getting the job of straightening them out, especially when a lot of those
people out there who don't know don't care to be enlightened, and when it
really comes right down to it, they don't NEED to know the difference,

I can see, though, that my opinion is not shared by many here, and they want
to condemn me for my opinion under the assumption that I have it for the
wrong reasons, so I'm through explaining it.

Guess I'll have to continue dealing with people who don't care the
difference between diabetes types and are simply making conversation with me
about apples and oranges.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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