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[IP] Re: Correction factors

At 12:18 PM 3/21/03, you wrote:
>Sara is partially right on that one, I believe. However, it often
>APPEARS that a correction factor needs to increase in practice because
>not only is the BG still high, but it is still going up, therefore, you
>don't just give a correction, but extra to account for the rise that
>will continue to occur.
>But, if the BG level is no longer rising, than the same correction
>factor should continue to work at all BG levels, theoretically.

I personally believe that this is a YMMV issue.  While it may be true that 
your bg may still be rising, how do you know that?  You could take a higher 
correction amount on the assumption that it was and end up low later, or 
like me, you can use the same correction amount and just adjust later, if 
necessary.  Btw, I take a 1/50 correction, and only take more than that if 
I am high with ketones since, for me, the ketones require additional 
insulin.  YMMV.  :o)

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