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[IP] Type 2's

I am a type 2.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my first
pregnancy, after I delivered bg went right back to normal.  During my second
pregnancy, gestational diabetes again from the moment of conception, after
delivery, back to normal.  When my second son was 10 months my bg soared,
lucky me my diabetes is here to stay.

I don't understand the motivation behind the finger pointing, is type 1 only
for the diabetic elite.  It almost sounds like poor me, feel sorry for me this
is totally out of my control.  I happen to be an insulin dependent type 2 on a
pump, is diabetes any easier to manage on oral meds, diet, and exercise?

I'm a pudgy type 2, that put on the weight after I was diagnosed, after I went
on insulin.  I try hard, I'm raising three young boys and plan on being around
for a long time. You are right I brought this type 2 on myself, would I trade
one or any of my guys in to be without diabetes, not a chance!

Jan Clinthorne
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