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Re: [IP] herbal supplements

> I was approached about a year ago by someone selling a line of
> herbal supplements (I won't mention the name of the company).  I
> told the salesperson that because I have diabetes, I stay away from
> herbal supplements of any kind.  Well, she was TOTALLY trying to
> sell me a particular product that was supposed to help with lowering
> glucose levels in the body.  She told me that there was one lady who
> had been on insulin prior to taking this product and AFTER taking
> it, didn't have to take insulin anymore.
> Because I live in a very small community and I know this lady's
> family (parents, siblings, grandparents) I didn't really go off on
> her as she deserved at that moment.  I just laughed at her and
> immediately went to the "NO".
> Have any of you ever been approached about taking an herbal product
> that will "help you to get off insulin"???
> I still laugh about it now!

There are a number of products that are "pushed" to help people with 
diabetes get off insulin.

I'd suggest you check them out at:


you should be able to find most all of them there along with the real 
science that debunks their claims.

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