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Re: [IP] myth

golly gee, Missy Sara, my dear mama never taught me such language, so 
maybe that's why i'm not grasping the whole of your argument.  Not to 
worry though, i've looked up all the words now, and my ears have even 
cooled off, too.

    Although it's fun to anthropomorphize one's liver and metabolism, 
i find it hard to blame my inability of regulate my BG after chinese 
food, to some behavior of my ancestors in running from wild animals 
and dropping BG.  None of my 100,000 y/o relatives ever experienced a 
bg drop from 400 to 300.  They'd have died long before they could 
have reproduced themselves.
  The brain is actually quite good at taking precisely what glucose it 
needs.  When the BG goes high, it doesn't use any more glucose.  It 
still takes just what it needs.  So why would it worry about dropping 
from 400 to 200?  Still plenty of sweets in the blood.  It's  when 
there isn't enough glucose in the blood that it really starts to get 
worried.  and this doesn't happen till something well below 100 mg/dl.

<<<<<<<<And by FREAK, you freak, i don't mean SEIZE, I mean what 
happens when you cause the brain, which requires glucose and glucose 
ONLY to operate, to react in its innate fashion, by dropping the 
blood sugar FASTER than it can handle. in prehistoric times when all 
this crap was being developed in our brains, a drop like that 
signaled imminent danger and possible death, so it is a
natural, unavoidable response.
       as I said before, neither the brain nor the liver know that the 
drop in blood sugar was necessarry...they just see it as a dangerous 
drop and, by design, we are not built to handle a drop of that much, 
so those hormones are
released    SSP  >>>>>>>>>>>>>
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