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[IP] Novolog not on formulary

I also have just switched to merck Medco this year.  They also make us pay
a co-pay on test strips.  Mine is much higher than yours though.
Could you please explain to me about the durable medical without a copay.
I am very interested in that.

Thanks :)
Sarah Roscoe
MM Paradigm pumping about 1 month
Diabetic for 20 years

As of January 1, Novolog is not on our formulary.  My husband's human
resources dept went to bat for me with Merck Medco.  My doctor wrote a
of medical necessity, faxed it, explained that I have a problem with
Merck said, it doesn't matter whether I'm unable to use the alternative or
not, its not on the formulary.  Merck is happy to fill my prescription, but
the higher co-pay.  So instead of $30 for 90 days, its $50 for 90 days.
throught Merck I have a copay for syringes and test strips that I never had
before.  So now my test strips go through durable medical instead without a
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