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[IP] Type War!

 I hate that there seems to be so much hostility and upset about this "type"
war. I guess
 much of it is because the general public still thinks that type 2 is just
caused by being
 "overweight/lazy". They seem to think that if everyone just shed a few pounds,
type 2
 would go away. I know that is completely unfair and untrue. But that same
public then
 puts that label on type 1's. It's hard to be a chubby type 1! People will try
to lecture
 you about your weight and eating habits and tell you that if you just exercised
more you
 wouldn't need those nasty shots. It was really hard on me as a small child to
be told
 that because I WAS plump. But I did find that my short stint of trying to
starve myself
 and getting hypos left and right wasn't curing me. :) (although the rapid
weight loss
 caused by my rampaging blood sugars before diagnosis did help some with the
plumpness. It
 also made me resent my somewhat plump mother. I was sooo sure whe was just
jealous of my
sudden weight loss and was punishing me by dragging me to doctors).
 I think that any bit of hostility is caused by this--the general public's
 that we just seem to be lazy and overweight people who bring this on ourselves.
I guess
 if we only ate salad and baked chicken breasts none of us would need insulin or
oral meds
and we would all be svelte!   HA!
 I have enough harsh memories of adults telling me stuff like that. I have
enough shame
 over sneaking candy and treats as a child. Hoping for a hypo so I could have
 chocolate. Being told over and over, "No, you can't have that" or "I guess you
must have
 gotten low because you didn't eat right" and chasing NPH with calories trying
to keep it
 all level. We've all got enough problems without intentionally OR
hurting each other.

Let's all get along.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
dx'd right before her ninth birthday, now 26!
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