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[IP] Re: Types of Diabetes

<<The reason I want to see it changed is that I'm tired of having people
that my disease and treatment is the same as their grandma's.  The fact is
that for the majority of type 2's their treatment is NOTHING like mine.>>

    Mine either, and I'm type 2.  Someone just recently recommended
sprinkling cinnamon over my food.  That, according to the person trying to
be helpful, would most likely allow me to give up insulin altogether.  And
I'm constantly lectured about success stories of other type 2's who just
"started eating right" and now are "cured."  It seems all it takes is
    And I'm always amazed when someone I hardly know criticizes me for
eating something they think is wrong for me.  They would sit there quietly
if I were to eat spaghetti, white bread, Chinese food, etc. But let me eat
an after dinner mint, and all eyes are on me.
    Come to think of it, maybe we type 2's who are insulin dependent would
benefit if the name were changed to something no one ever heard of.  Now,
how to keep it a secret from all those helpful folks. . . . :)
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