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[IP] Re: Bolusing for fat and so on...

>I just wanted to share my experience regarding bolusing for fat. I 
>have found
>that I *do* need extra insulin for a very high fat meal, not just a 
>extended bolus. For example, on the few occasions when I have eaten 
>just eggs
>for a meal (I know, I know, not very balanced or healthy), I need to 
>bolus about
>2 or 3 units spread out over about an hour or an hour and a half. 

This is not likely due to the fat in the eggs, but the protein, 
especially since you aren't consuming carbs.  Each egg has roughly 7g 
of protein.  Part of that protein will eventually break down into 
sugar. (or, PERHAPS, the protein is stimulating glucagon 
production??? ;-)

The extra insulin you need isn't really due to the fat, but the 
protein.  (If you notice most high-fat foods tend to be high in 
protein, but the fat is usually what is "blamed" for the need of 
insulin.  Fat, however, does NOT break down into sugar (at least not 
easily...takes up to 24 hours), whereas protein does. 

HOWEVER, there is also the issue of fatty acids in the bloodstream that 
cause increased insulin resistance.  So, the fat COULD cause your basal 
insulin to not work as effectively, though I suspect that isn't the 
case unless you are eating a LOT of eggs!  :-)

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