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[IP] Bolusing for fat and so on...

 I just wanted to share my experience regarding bolusing for fat. I have found
that I *do* need extra insulin for a very high fat meal, not just a more
extended bolus. For example, on the few occasions when I have eaten just eggs
for a meal (I know, I know, not very balanced or healthy), I need to bolus about
2 or 3 units spread out over about an hour or an hour and a half. This can't
have anything to do with carbs, since I really don't think there are any carbs
in eggs. My doctors at Joslin told me that some people find this to be the
case--that they need extra insulin for fat. [I really appreciate the doctors at
Joslin because they always say "some diabetics"--recognizing that the only thing
that seems to be universally true about diabetes is that everyone's experiences
vary widely.] What works for a few people may not work at all for many others.
One of the reasons why I value discussion groups like this is that when people
share experiences, we can check and see if those

 experiences might be true for us as well, and we can learn to manage our
diabetes better. Often people on the list will suggest some solution they have
come up with and I will check it out and see if it works for me. Sometimes it
does, sometimes it doesn't. But even when other people's suggestions don't work
for me, the list is still valuable as a place to exchange ideas and to find
support. I wish we could remember that and try to keep the tones of our posts as
friendly and respectful as possible, but of course that's just my opinion! :)

dx'd 6/92
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