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[IP] myth

wayne wrote
> come again?  Myth?   Don't you take more insulin when your BG is 
> high?  Isn't that what we are supposed to do?  What are you talking 
> about here?  Even I can't help you ;-)

smart ass...  if you read the rest of my post instead of trying to pick out 
what was WRONG with it, you would have understood what I meant.  People HERE 
and in other support groups are ALWAYS talking about how MUCH more insulin 
they needed to bring down their really high blood sugar.....1 unit will bring 
you down 50 points (or whatever your ratio is) whether you
 are 150 or 450, IF you time ir right and that IF is what is in debate 

"Oh no" wail some people...."I took the 6 units when my bg was 450 and in 
THEORY that should have brought me down 300 points, but when I checked an 
hour later, i was STILL 350, so "obviously" the insulin wasn't working, so I 
took MORE insulin....and in the end I needed 13 units to bring my bg down to 
a normal range (of course, I had a hypo 7 hours later that I can't explain 
and I was high again 24 hours later)"  and my POINT is, that if you had 
spread that 6 units out over time, rather than taking it all at once, and 
don't startle (or freak or whatever freaking word you want to use) your brain 
by the precipitous drop of MORE than 40-50 points per hour then you will NOT 
call into play the counter regulatory hormones that act to RAISE blood 
sugar....NOR would you have had a hypo later, NOR would you have had a high 
24-48 hours later which MANY people report after having a severe low....it is 
those hormones, not some black hole of insulin!!

And by FREAK, you freak, i don't mean SEIZE, I mean what happens when you 
cause the brain, which requires glucose and glucose ONLY to operate, to react 
in its innate fashion, by dropping the blood sugar FASTER than it can handle. 
in prehistoric times when all this crap was being developed in our brains, a 
drop like that signaled imminent danger and possible death, so it is a 
natural, unavoidable response.

as I said before, neither the brain nor the liver know that the drop in blood 
sugar was necessarry...they just see it as a dangerous drop and, by design, 
we are not built to handle a drop of that much, so those hormones are 



put a fork in me, i am done with this discussion.....
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