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[IP] Hospital Stay and more. really long!

 Well for the lady and gentlemen that don't know me, my Name is David F. from
San Jose,California. I've had a Living Related Kidney Transplant (not caused by
diabetes), I also have Post-transplant Diabetes Mellitus, using The MiniMed 508
pump. Now you know a little about me, my story begins...

 I was admitted to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford though the ER
at Stanford. My chest started hurting and I couldn't breath to well and I had
severe hypertension <high blood pressure>. So the ER doctors thought that might
of had a heart attack and a mild stroke. They treated me for a heart attack and
stroke, just to "be safe" the female attending says. They call my Nephroloist
and my Endo to come check me out. They said I needed to be admitted. After being
in the ER for 5 hours (the ER is suppose to be quick, I think not, at least in
this case!) I went to the Transplant Ward waiting for more laboratory work, a
nurses work up, residences to come ask a million stupid questions and act like
that know everything in the world. They all finally came after a 1 1/2 wait in
my room. The laboratory tech came and drew alot of blood, then the nurse came in
and started getting my history, and to start an I.V.. Then 45 minutes after all
that the residences come in (2 guys) they asking me my medical history and what
medications I what take both RXed and OTC, then they ask me how many injections
do I take; I said none I'm on the pump. One said "what's a pump", the other
asked "do you know how to use it, and why do you have it?" I'm thinking to
myself "OH MY GOD!" I finally get a nurse to take my blood pressure every half
hour, and wake me to urinate every two hours!! The next day comes it's already 1
in the afternoon, the doctor says you didn't have heart attack, thank God. So I
ask the doctor why did my chest hurt sooo much? He didn't know. So about 30
minutes later my GI doctor comes in and says the chest pain may be caused by
heartburn, heartburn! I'm thinking wow heartburn hurts. So he said it may be
wise to do an Endosopy to see if the heartburn caused any serious damage. So
come Tuesday morning I get knocked out and they start. So I'm in the APU for
about an 1 1/2, I'm out but to boot I was complain of serious stomach cramps and
was running a fever of 102.4 0F. After getting a stool samp
 transplant physician says I have to stay longer in-house. =-< So after a week
and a day in the hospital, I still feel like crap. What is a diabetic to do?

	David from sunny california       
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