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Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

I honestly think that it ia a person to person basis.  I really think it is.

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> <<<<<<<<<<That is an incorrect assumption.  It is a FACT that if you 
> try to slam your blood sugar down by giving one bolus, you WILL 
> engage the counter regulatory hormones.  You WILL, in effect, CREATE 
> the glucagon effect!!  You need the same amount of insulin for 30 
> carbs of pizza or 30 carbs of orange juice or 30 carbs of cap'n 
> crunch or 30 carbs of Ben and Jerry's....The ONLY variable is the 
> TIMING of that insulin.  If you took all 10 units at the TOP of your 
> pizza, then you are SLAMMING your blood sugar down BEFORE the carbs 
> even hit your blood stream due to the FAT content!!  Your body will 
> fight this drop in blood sugar by dumping in counter regulatory 
> hormones, like adrenaline,
> cortisol, growth hormone, glycagen (or is it glucagon..i get them
> confused...wayne...help!!) >>>>>>>>
> 	Sara, i love you, but you really do need help here indeed :-) 
> The fat doesn't slow it down enough, at least in all people.  or most 
> i don't think.  And for sure not me.  I often have 2 slices of pizza 
> hut pepperoni pan pizza with a beer.  Decades of experience has 
> taught me that i need 8 units for this.   That is, 3 h after eating 
> I'm normal (well my BG is anyway).  I take these 8 u all at once 15 
> min before eating.  Still, 1 h after eating my BG is usually over 
> 200, and it takes the insulin another 2 h to bring the BG down.   The 
> carbs almost always hit well before (if i were you I'd have 
> capitalized this 'before') the insulin, fat be damned.   It's YMMV of 
> course, but I think most diabetics would work like this (except those 
> with gatroparesis)
> <<<<<<<Your brain does this FREAK OUT thing not because of what you ATE...but
> because of the TIMING of your insulin. As you showed in your experiement with
> the personal pizza, it is ALL in the timing; you can PREVENT the brain from
> freaking out and sending in the glucagon.  The liver does not send it in on
> its OWN...>>>>>>>>>>
> 	I'm not sure my brain ever freaks out because of either what 
> i ate or the timing of my boluses.  The brain can seize when BG gets 
> low enough, and you could get some reflex release of glucagon from 
> the pancreas at BGs higher that what will give seizures.  But this 
> reflex release is severely impaired in us type 1s.  The liver 
> actually may be smarter than you think.  It responds to lots of 
> signals to breakdown glycogen into glucose.
> <<<<<<< AND the "myth" that high blood sugars REQUIRE more insulin.>>>>>>>>>
> 	come again?  Myth?   Don't you take more insulin when your BG 
> is high?  Isn't that what we are supposed to do?  What are you 
> talking about here?  Even I can't help you ;-)
> -wayne
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