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Re: [IP] Trip to Europe

Yes, currently because of the popularity of the new Dtrom plus, Disetronic is 
very backed up with second pumps for the new users.  not sure how long it will 
take though.  Disetronic, I believe is the only company on the market that 
offers a back-up pump with the purchase.

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> I have only been on the pump about 3 weeks now but WOW am planning on an
> Alaskan Cruise in late July.  I am happy that I have a Dtron-Plus, hopefully
> they will get their back orders filled by July and I will have a back up
> pump to take with me :)
> Jon Wagner
> type II pumper
> dx'ed 11/11/94 (A friday at 11:00 in the morning)
> email @ redacted wrote:
> > Wow!  I have not heard of loaner pumps.  We're going on an Alaskan Cruise
> > this summer.  Having a "just in case" extra pump is a great idea.  Look
> > forward to more details.    Janet
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