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RE: [IP] Types of Diabetes (Was: Diabetic Magazines) -- LONG

There are two issues here:
1. How people feel about their particular form of diabetes (no type is 
better or easier than the other)
2. Is, is the suite of diseases named properly....

All of us are different and have a different focus. I like technical 
topics. Someone else with diabetes might not want to know all the details. 
Both are right in the way they want to handle the situation. It happens in 
every subject. Sometime the people, like the engineers, who are more 
technically oriented want to know the details and the people who are more 
focused on the basics want to know how to take care of it and skip the 
details. I do believe that the people who are medical professionals 
*should* be interested and should know the very minute differences. I've 
met lots of nurses and doctors who didn't know the difference between type 
1 and type 2. I figure it's probably because they met mostly type 2's. who 
knows ....
It's dangerous though...

>I have waited too long to wade in on this issue.  Frankly, there is some
>elitism on this board and in general against Type 2 diabetics.  I say
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