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Re: [IP] Re: Types of Diabetes

I wasn't trying to be snobby. What I'm saying is there really are forms of 
diabetes that do not involve high blood sugar, or lack of insulin. Instead 
they involve lack of other hormones. The word "diabetes" is only one half 
of the poorly named disease. (There are other diseases that cause a person 
to urinate frequently) I think it IS very important and this conversation 
maybe should be taken to people who have the power to change things. I do 
know at least one guy who has diabetes insipidus. He doesn't measure his 
blood sugar because it's irrelevant. His pancreas maintains his glucose 
just fine. Because it is not diabetes mellitus.

>  I agree this is ridiculous. We all have Diabetes and we all have our 
> different
>problems. This thread is disintegrating into a contest of Diabetic snobbery.
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