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Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

<<<<<<<<<<That is an incorrect assumption.  It is a FACT that if you 
try to slam your blood sugar down by giving one bolus, you WILL 
engage the counter regulatory hormones.  You WILL, in effect, CREATE 
the glucagon effect!!  You need the same amount of insulin for 30 
carbs of pizza or 30 carbs of orange juice or 30 carbs of cap'n 
crunch or 30 carbs of Ben and Jerry's....The ONLY variable is the 
TIMING of that insulin.  If you took all 10 units at the TOP of your 
pizza, then you are SLAMMING your blood sugar down BEFORE the carbs 
even hit your blood stream due to the FAT content!!  Your body will 
fight this drop in blood sugar by dumping in counter regulatory 
hormones, like adrenaline,
cortisol, growth hormone, glycagen (or is it glucagon..i get them
confused...wayne...help!!) >>>>>>>>

	Sara, i love you, but you really do need help here indeed :-) 
The fat doesn't slow it down enough, at least in all people.  or most 
i don't think.  And for sure not me.  I often have 2 slices of pizza 
hut pepperoni pan pizza with a beer.  Decades of experience has 
taught me that i need 8 units for this.   That is, 3 h after eating 
I'm normal (well my BG is anyway).  I take these 8 u all at once 15 
min before eating.  Still, 1 h after eating my BG is usually over 
200, and it takes the insulin another 2 h to bring the BG down.   The 
carbs almost always hit well before (if i were you I'd have 
capitalized this 'before') the insulin, fat be damned.   It's YMMV of 
course, but I think most diabetics would work like this (except those 
with gatroparesis)

<<<<<<<Your brain does this FREAK OUT thing not because of what you ATE...but
because of the TIMING of your insulin. As you showed in your experiement with
the personal pizza, it is ALL in the timing; you can PREVENT the brain from
freaking out and sending in the glucagon.  The liver does not send it in on
its OWN...>>>>>>>>>>

	I'm not sure my brain ever freaks out because of either what 
i ate or the timing of my boluses.  The brain can seize when BG gets 
low enough, and you could get some reflex release of glucagon from 
the pancreas at BGs higher that what will give seizures.  But this 
reflex release is severely impaired in us type 1s.  The liver 
actually may be smarter than you think.  It responds to lots of 
signals to breakdown glycogen into glucose.

<<<<<<< AND the "myth" that high blood sugars REQUIRE more insulin.>>>>>>>>>

	come again?  Myth?   Don't you take more insulin when your BG 
is high?  Isn't that what we are supposed to do?  What are you 
talking about here?  Even I can't help you ;-)
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