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Re: [IP] Re: Types of Diabetes

>  I agree this is ridiculous. We all have Diabetes and we all have our
> problems. This thread is disintegrating into a contest of Diabetic
> It's not a competition.

I would like to see the name changed.  It has NOTHING to do with being MORE
of a diabetic or having a PURE form of the disease or some other such
foolishness at all.

The reason I want to see it changed is that I'm tired of having people think
that my disease and treatment is the same as their grandma's.  The fact is
that for the majority of type 2's their treatment is NOTHING like mine.  We
do have problems related to the same hormone, insulin, yes, but what fits
grandma (dieting and glucophage, for example) does nothing for me.

As though it really matters, I have often thought that type 2's had it worse
in many ways.  I was young when diabetes changed my entire lifestyle.  They
get diabetes with a lifetime of doing things their own way, diabetes not
included, under their belt.  And being required to make the diet changes
without taking insulin to allow for a splurge must be pretty difficult!

I just think having the same name for the two diseases is confusing to those
uninformed about the different types of diabetes, especially when one type
is far more common than the other.  Snobbery?  Perhaps.  Snobbery against
ignorant easily confused people.  Not those who are presently labeled type

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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