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Re: [IP] more old news LONG


I just wrote this really in-depth response (it took me 15 minutes to write)
to this post showing a lot of problems with the statements made...but, my
computer crashed as I was writing it!!!! Argh.  I'll have to come back to it
later and try again.

But, in VERY VERY short summary, the fat explanation still doesn't work.
MOST foods that I eat that are high in carb and fat content like pizza do
NOT cause the delayed rise.  If fat were the cause, it would be consistant.
It isn't.  Fat does NOT delay glucose from entering the blood stream nearly
as much as is typically discussed here.  That is just what people attribute
it to.  Fat causes a small delay, not a delay of hours.  If I eat my BK
value meal, which is higher in fat content than pizza, but with similar
carbs, I do NOT see any delayed rise, nor do I need to give any extended
bolus. Pizza does, despite having LESS fat.

Fat is NOT the factor.  That isn't even an option to consider as a reason at
this point because, after 7 years of carb counting, I've never seen fat play
any significant role in affecting BG levels.

I'll write more later, when i have time.

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