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Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

One factor you haven't considered is that large boluses of insulin 
are  slower and possibly less effective than small doses.  This is 
true even with injected boluses.  If you give yourself a shot of 10U 
and compare it to 10 1U shots, you will find your BG dropping much 
faster with the 10 shots.   So just spreading out your 10 U in half 
over 3 hours may work more effectively.  This should work equally 
well for any carb that needs 10 U.

Yes, the amino acid, arginine, has been used in experimental studies 
to test glucagon release.  But this is always done intravenously at 
high levels.  A few pieces of pepperoni would not have much total 
protein, let alone much arginine.  And arginine is not in all 
proteins, so your hypothetical argument (not repeated here) about how 
the body would work, won't work for all proteins anyway.
p.s. re: the notion what we are is a CREATED rather than evolved 
design, I'd sure like to get my hands on whoever created diabetes. 
That whoever sure needs a lot more practice.

<<<<<<<<<Very recently, I switched to this new scheme.  Eating the 
same 100 carb
pizza, I give 5 units immediately, and then 5 units as an extended
bolus (total of 10 units) for 3 hours.  My 2 hour post-pizza reading
was still in the 140-150 range (specifically, 146 in my most recent
attempt).  My 4-hour post-pizza reading was actually about 130.>>>>>>>

<<<<<<I've found numerous studies, including at least ONE you provided, that
said that glucagon IS produced in response to arginine, which is an
amino acid found in many protein-rich foods. >>>>>>>
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