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[IP] Re: type of diabetes?

How about insulin-deficient and insulin-resistant.  I've always been told
I'm deficient and this would make it official. (LOL)

Ok, the above was a joke, and a bad one...I better check my blood sugar.

I had a genuinely concerned coworker who was like a big brother to me.  He
came to me one day excited and said that he had read an article that said if
diabetics excercised regularly and lost some weight they could greatly
reduce their need for insulin and possibly eliminate the need.  He was
heart-broken when I explained to him that the type of diabetes I have is not
tied to weight, but it is tied to my immune system.  He appologized and I
told him he didn't need to, I was glad he thought of me when he read
diabetes research.  Who knows he may catch something he reads that I don't.
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