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[IP] Re: Types of Diabetes???? mine is DIABETES

 So we change the name of type one diabetes and where does that leave us?? Now
the whole population (other then D's and their friends and family) will have
absolutly no clue what were talking about - and then if we really try hard we
may be able to teach them and there response - well isn't that diabetes???
 If you ain't got diabetes and don't know anyone that has it - and you don't
know the difference who cares - I'm sure they don't!!
 There are how many types of cancers?? I don't care what the difference is
between the types - its the word cancer that lets people know what you have and
for the most part every type of cancer is going to end in the same result -
either you die from it or go into remission.
 type 1 - type 2 eventually we will all die with this disease and hopefully its
not for a long time but, we've got the same thing, just differnet treatments and
Diabetes is what we've got and thats what the public hears, those who give a
crap about the differences either have looked into it or will ask when you say
I've got Diabetes. as for the rest of them - who cares they have to know the
basics of the disease, you can't even ride a city bus with out reading about the
complications and on there 9 times out of 10 it says 90% of the population has
type 2 and only about 10%has type one.

 Good enough for me, really I'd rather not have to try and explain why my
diabetes now has another name.


Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> <Anytime we speak about someone elses disease, we tread on thin 
> ice. The test
> is: "Can we say you have
> walked in their shoes?"......I don't see the risk of dying from 
> diabetes as any
> badge of honor. Maybe there should be two different insulin-pumper 
> groups so
> that we type 2's can be segregated from those who think that type 
> 1 is the only
> "pure" form of diabetes. This is just ridiculous, and I hope not 
> many people
> feel that way.>
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