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[IP] re types of diabetes

I have to weigh in on this subject, being a hefty type 1 myself.:) In my
case it matters mentally what type I am. In my family someone had to be
blamed for everything, no *#!* just happens. My poor brother-in-law was
blamed for getting cancer from eating too much meat! That didn't help him
much. They were in a quandary when my uncle died from lung cancer and had
never smoked. So one might be able to imagine the family reaction when I was
diagnosed. My mum thought I was over weight at 120 pounds and 5'3". So the
fact that I weighed 140 when I got this diabetes made it easy for everyone
to figure out exactly who was to blame for this blot on the family tree! It
gives me great solace to explain to people that IT WAS NOT MY FAULT when
they find out I have diabetes and start going on about fat and exercise. I
can quickly throw out that there are at least 2 different types etc. I don't
think that type 2's are the authors of their own misfortunes either. Not
everyone who smokes, eats meat, is over-weight, etc comes down with a dread
disease! *%$#! does just happen some times! I have to admit that I was happy
to discover that my thyroid is under active. I knew that there was either
something physical or psychological causing my weight problem as I can put
on 10 pounds in a blink of an eye if I don't exercise every day. Dieting
just doesn't work anymore. Now whenever I pick up on the slightest judgment
on anyone's part re my size I'll have that new ammunition to defend myself
with! It is not an excuse, as a body can't make fat from air and water, but
a defense for my poor self-esteem at least!

Re the retirement home. I am a great cook, nurse, cleaner etc plus
card-player and good joke teller, IMHO :) Of all the things I've lost, I
miss my mind the most though! Have you given any thoughts to allowing "cute"
and caring young pumpers who still have their wits about them to move in

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