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[IP] Re: A1C Numberd and How They Compare to Blood Sugars

avg bg = HbA1c*33.3 - 86

Take the A1c number, multiply it by 33.3, then subtract 86 from it.


A1c =7.0

7.0 x 33.3 = 233
subtract 86
avg bg = 147

6.5 x 33.3 = 216
- 86
avg bg = 130


<Just a note about the ave BS. I think the ave should be taken over measurement
 of equal time. As I go about my life, if my BS is out of average I measure my
a lots or at least until my BS is near ave, so this series is not a valid ave
and therefore is not a good number to calculate the A1c I think.


 This formula is for calculating your average BS from your A1c, not the other
way around. It doesn't matter whether you check your blood sugar 24 hours a day
or one time in 3 months. Your A1c number will give you your average blood sugar
over that time. That is why you measure the A1c. It truly reflects what's going
on with your blood sugar, not just the times you test.

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