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[IP] Re: Types of Diabetes

 <Anytime we speak about someone elses disease, we tread on thin ice. The test
is: "Can we say you have
 walked in their shoes?"......I don't see the risk of dying from diabetes as any
badge of honor. Maybe there should be two different insulin-pumper groups so
that we type 2's can be segregated from those who think that type 1 is the only
"pure" form of diabetes. This is just ridiculous, and I hope not many people
feel that way.>


 I agree this is ridiculous. We all have Diabetes and we all have our different
problems. This thread is disintegrating into a contest of Diabetic snobbery.
It's not a competition. Is this list here for support and the exchange of ideas
and information, or to alienate people who already feel that way from the rest
of the non-diabetic community? And while we're at it, which "Type" rides on the
BACK of the bus?

 <10 people take insulin, 2 are type 1 diabetics. I am refering to injected
insulin :-)>

Ummmm, injected insulin is the only kind there is.

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02
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