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Re: [IP] diabetes name change

-- >>because I am a writer.

a most interesting description. nice to know, im a "sweet siphon."

Im a programer.
Ive been DIABETIC for 46 years
im DIABETIC now,
most likely, though ill be happy, ill die a DIABETIC,
and EVERYONE Knows what i had, what i have, and what i will have died of.

you can call it Diabetes, or you can call it:
"sweet siphon, having no flavor, who cant digest sugar, and stands on 
street corner ... itus"


But you doesnt has to call it..... never mind

MY pet peeve:. those that cant leave well enough alone

len phila pa.dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (is this great, or what ?)
Most of what I have learned has been taught to me by others.
I guess that means I have to teach others what I have learned
Lately It Occurs To Me
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
(R. Hunter)
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