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Re: [IP] diabetes name change

I am an overweight type 1.

This issue is very complicated unfortunately, and one of my pet peeves 
because I am a writer. The word diabetes is the name of a SYMPTOM meaning 
"as if being siphoned"... referring to the case where someone with 
UNCONTROLLED diabetes will have to urinate frequently.
TECHNICALLY and ONLY TECHNICALLY - when you get your "whatever it is you 
have" under control - your symptom of "diabetes" goes away - you know 
longer urinate like a syphon.

"Mellitus" mean the urine is sweet (has a higher than normal glucose content)

"Insipidus" means "having no flavor" diabetes insipidus patients don't deal 
with high blood sugar
There are a whole bunch of different types of diabetes insipidus.

Then there's the "gestational".... with,  and I think a version without 
high glucose (would be something like "gestational diabetes insipidus") 
content in the urine.

There are so many problems with the way these disease have been named, no 
one has come up with a solution yet.
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