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Re: [IP] A Good Minimed Story (long)

> I personally have never had any
> problem with MM. I started pumping last July and the only pump problem I
> ever had (the dreaded E21 alarm) I called them and I had a new pump the
> morning, and haven't had a single problem since then.  I have always found
> their service to be great.

I think a lot of people get the idea reading on this list that MM pumps fail
routinely, and they always have poor customer service.  It isn't true at

In the 12 and a half years I've pumped using exclusively MM pumps (except
for a couple of trials with other brands recently), I have NEVER had a pump
fail me, not to the point that I had to quit using it and go to shots for a
time.  My 504 when replaced at more than seven years old was working fine.
My current 507 is out of warranty and has been so for more than a year, with
no problems whatsoever.

That isn't to say that I've never had a pump replaced.  I have had with both
pumps something "funny" happened while the warranty was current.  When that
happened they sent me a replacement "just in case."  I think it happened
with my 507, but if it did, it was in the first year.  I've had this same
one since my son (nearly five years old) was born, I know that.

I've called for technical support many times, including in the middle of the
night and have always gotten good service.  Though I can't remember
specifically what happened , I remember one time in 1993, feeling like they
really went the extra mile helping me out.  I think it may have had to do
with having some diabetes supplies stolen when my purse was while on
vacation, but I'm not for sure.  Maybe the sent me a few extras to hold me
over until I went home again.

Presently, I'm considering what pump to get next.  I know I don't want the
Paradigm.  That led me to research the other options available, and I've
pretty much ruled out the 508 as well.

In doing that, I've sort of felt bad.  They've been so good to me.  Do I owe
them my loyalty?  No, I decided, as a consumer, I need to get what is best
for me.  So my change in business isn't due to a belief that MM isn't a good
company.  I KNOW they are good and the majority are happy customers.  It is
simply due to needing and wanting different features from what they are
offering today.

People on this list sometimes get the idea that all MM pumps fail, and that
their customer service is sub par.  It is far from the truth.  Remember,
often those who speak up aren't those who are having things go well.  That's
human nature.  People speak up when things are going wrong.  The majority on
this list and out in the real world do have MM pumps, and the reason why
they dominate the market is, in large part, because their products and
service speak for themselves.  And what they have to say is, for the
majority, still very good.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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